Program Overview


The Conference will feature platform presentations, workshop and panel discussion from a faculty of over 120 internationally recognized speakers as well as oral presentations and poster presentations from submitted peer reviewed submitted abstracts.

An internationally recognized faculty will present on a broad range of brain injury topics relating to the development of effective treatment interventions and restoring persons with brain injury to optimal levels of functioning. In addition to the myriad of invited talks from luminaries in the field, participants will have opportunity to present their work through the Call for Abstracts process, the deadline for abstracts was December 15, 2017 and January 12, 2018 for late breaking abstracts.

Accepted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Planning Committee and published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation and presented as oral sessions, panels and scientific posters.

The following educational activities have been confirmed to-date.  Additional sessions and speakers will be added as the Conference approaches.




Post-Traumatic Headache: Caveats, Conundrums, Controversies and Cases
Nathan Zasler, Sara Etheredge

Neurorehabilitation in Disorders of Consciousness: Recent Advances and Clinical Implications
Alan H. Weintraub, Sunil Kothari

Keep Your ‘EYE’ On the Prize: Vision Research in Concussion
Todd Hudson

Evidence-based Practices in Childhood Concussion and Brain Injury
Sharon Grandinette

An Interactive Workshop on Advancing Pediatric Practice
Janet Tyler

Current Approaches to Practical Comprehensive Spasticity Management
Cindy Ivanhoe




Neurodegenerative Disorders after TBI
Christian LoBue

Neuropsychological Evaluation/Treatment of Pediatric Mild TBI
Michael Kirkwood

Mild TBI and Co-Morbid PTSD: When Psychological and Brain Trauma Co-Occur
Jennifer Vasterling

Growing Up and Growing Old with TBI-Insights from Across the Lifespan
Julie Haarbauer-Krupa


Invited Talks & Panels


Resolution or Development of Chronic Symptoms after Pediatric mTBI: Who, Why and What to Do?
Christopher Giza

The Problem with the ANS: Explaining mTBI in Adolescents
Barry Willer    

Disorders of Consciousness Minimal Competency Guidelines: Pearls and Practical Implementation into Clinical Practice
Alan H. Weintraub

Strategies for Life: Promoting Successful Participation for Children/Teens with Brain Injury Across Contexts
Lori Cook

The Experience at an Urban Multi-Disciplinary Academic Concussion Center
Dina Pagnotta

The Clinical Exam: You See What You Look For; You Look for What You Know: Physician Focus
Steven Flanagan

You Bring to Concussion Who You Were Before: Psychology and Social Work Focus
Donna Langenbahn, Pamela Singer

The Challenges of Slow Recovery: Vestibular Therapy, OT/Vision Rehabilitation, PT Focus
Kelliane Arnella

Navigating the Obstacles: Nursing and SLP Focus
Mara Sproul, Mary Reilly

Challenges for professional development in pediatric brain injury
Ann Glang

Challenges for practice management guidance in pediatric brain injury
Judy Dettmer



Overview of National Collaborative on Children’s Brain Injury
Drew Nagele

Resolution or Development of Chronic Symptoms After Pediatric mTBI: Who, Why and What to Do?
Roberta DePompei (Discussion Facilitator)

ANS Dysfunction and mTBI: Implications for Assessment and Treatment
Roberta DePompei (Discussion Facilitator)

Strategies for Life: Promoting Successful Participation for Children/Teens with Brain Injury Across Contexts
Roberta DePompei (Discussion Facilitator)

Community Reintegration
Janet Williams

Current and Future Imaging Techniques
Chair: Elisabeth Wilde

Early Lessons from TRACK-TBI: Bridging the Gap in TBI Research
Ramon Diaz-Arrastia

Achieving Value Based Outcomes in Post-Hospital Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Debra McMorrow, James Malec

Defining Value: Payer Perspective & Person Served/Family Perspective
Debra McMorrow

Models for Achieving Value Based Outcomes
Michael Choo (Discussion Facilitator)

Outpatient and Resource Facilitation
Debra McMorrow

TBI: Severity of Impact and Headgear Protection
Mariusz Ziejewski, Alan Ashare


(Additional sessions and speakers will be added as the conference approaches).


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