The Abstract Portal will open in the Fall.

Abstract Categories


NABIS welcomes the submission of abstracts on pediatric and adult brain injury on the topics listed below. To facilitate the review process, the following abstract categories have been developed for the conference.


  • Neurorehabilitation – activities and participation
    Neurorehabilitation – basic research
    Neurorehabilitation – case report/clinical research
    Neurorehabilitation – public policy


  • Neurotrauma – basic research
    Neurotrauma – case report/clinical research
    Neurotrauma – health services and outcomes
    Neurotrauma – prevention and public health

Technology – basic research
Technology – clinical research/applications


The abstract submission portal will open in the Fall of 2017.

Submissions must be data-driven or assessment/treatment model descriptions.

The abstract word limit is 450 words with English characters; if you use accents, umlauts, etc., the abstract will count them as additional words (please use the Special Characters keyboard).

Review Process

The Scientific Planning Committee will review and determine which abstracts receive awards, as well as the most appropriate presentation format (oral or poster) for each accepted abstract.

Awards will be given to the top scoring abstracts submitted in each of the main categories. For details on Abstract Awards, please check back soon.

Accepted abstracts will be published in a supplemental issue of the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.